HIRO 180-X | Clearly Different


$39 Limited pre-sale (normally $49)

Our   circle of friends are all robot-makers, designer and engineers in the   Bay Area Machine art / MythBuster / Burning Man community. We would get   together on Friday nights, drink some beer, and smash our robots   together—an i​nformal robot fight club. ​About four years ago we   introduced drones into the mix and immediately discovered that the   technologies available were woefully inadequate for the kinds of games   we were playing. Every ten minutes of flying required ten hours of   repair time. It was very frustrating, and we wanted to change   that. All of us being inventors and engineers, we began trying to figure   out how to make drones that were cheap to repair or tough enough that   they didn’t require so much repair.

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“One part X-Games, one part NASCAR & one part MMA, the Aerial Sports League are the inventors of drone sports”

Since 2011 the Aerial Sports League has been creating and producing drone sports competitions, events and media.  Located in Northern California, the ASL leads a global community representing thousands of drone dogfighters and FPV racing pilots.  ASL Certified Hardware leads the industry in durability and functionality.  Join ASL and launch into the fastest growing sport on the planet!